patch v1.0.9 is live


  • [NEW SONG]  WAITING - LUMENA-TAN’S REMIX , one of the two new tracks we’re adding to [white label], is available now! (BEGINNER / EASY charts by CHI XU, NORMAL chart by TaroNuke, HARD / UNBEATABLE charts by Cheryl Stelli)
  • [RHYTHM]  Our first pass of UNBEATABLE’s difficulty rating system is here! You can see the level of each song next to its difficulty in the song select. Ratings here are not final and subject to change. You can see a spreadsheet of all the ratings here (as well as a credits list for every beatmap in the game).
  • [RHYTHM]  The offset wizard currently gives results based on visual latency, but not  audio latency. For the time being, the wizard has adjusted text / UI elements to reflect this, and a offset wizard for audio latency will be implemented at a later date.
  • [RHYTHM]  Removal of the licensed NOISZ SL tracks, Iris’ Done In Love and Synthion’s True. We are grateful to the NOISZ SL team for letting us include these songs in the game since the launch of [white label]!
  • [QOL]  Game lighting and shading work (including dynamic rim-lighting and a swap to deferred rendering) has been updated to improve the game’s aesthetic, matching the work we’ve done on the main game over the past few months!
  • [QOL]  Removal of the useless Save button in the pause menu. It really didn't do anything!
  • [MISC.]  References to the now-discontinued SLACKER BACKER campaign have been removed. Thank you to everyone who’ve supported the game since our KS launch in 2021!


UNBEATABLE [white label] - V1.0.9 570 MB
Dec 31, 2022

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The Save button provided emotional support to me in my hardest times. It reminded me that even the most useless, insignificant things can still hold great meaning.

Goodbye, Save button. Rest in peace.