patch v1.0.7 / v1.0.7a is live


  • (QOL)  You can now quick-select after selecting a song to the options menu before playing!
  • (QOL)  Control prompts throughout the game have been updated.
  • (QOL)  A muffler effect has been added while selecting songs in Song Select.
  • (BEATMAPS) Removed a note in FOREVER NOW - DOG_NOISE Remix (UNBEATABLE) that was placed right next to a stream of dodge notes.
  • (AUDIO)  Fixed both rhythm / story-related audio to now properly play in stereo.
  • (SIDE A TRACK 1)  Updated the opening credits video.


UNBEATABLE [white label] - V1.0.7A 267 MB
Jan 25, 2022

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