patch v1.01 is live

The train door is now open.

Our first of many patches is here! This should address major game-breaking bugs, as well as address some of the feedback we've gotten since launch. We've been reading through everything and working on issues best we can - so keep the feedback coming!

Note: We're trying a new method here for organizing patch notes, categorizing them by various types:

(EPISODE CHANGES) - Specific changes/additions made to a [white label] episode.

(RHYTHM)- Adjustments / Fixes made to the rhythm combat.

(EXPLORATION) - Adjustments / Fixes made to either exploration gameplay or the exploration segments found in [white label].

(BEATMAPS) - Adjustments / Fixes made to the game's rhythm beatmaps/songs.

(MENU) - Changes made to the game's main menu / options.

(QOL) - Additional polish / features that help smooth out gameplay.

(MISC.) - Other things unrelated to the above.

This should help you find issues you may be having, and better organize our changes going forward. If this is somehow a unreadable mess though, feel free to yell at us about it in the discussions for this post.

Without further ado...

Here are the fixes!

  • (SIDE A TRACK 1)  The Train will soon be departing.  Please be careful when boarding.
  • (SIDE A TRACK 1)  Dialogue decisions at the start of the "Familiar" segment will now alter the difficulty you play at the start.
  • (SIDE A TRACK 1)  A credits now play during the "Familiar" segment.
  • (SIDE A TRACK 1)  If you ask Quaver to go real easy on you (taking you to the tutorial beatmap), every note will now deliver a tutorial prompt before you miss.
  • (SIDE A TRACK 1)  The position of the text explaining exploration controls has been adjusted so Beat isn't blocking it upon startup.
  • (RHYTHM)  Double (Blue) Notes have received a visual rework - try out our revision of them and see what you think! The change may not be immediately noticeable, but should help when it comes to properly sight reading the exact timing of a note (especially useful for double notes that take awhile to finish off). We'll be assessing feedback on this and may revert back if y'all don't dig it - so please understand that the change is not final!
  • (RHYTHM)  The game no longer eats inputs during rhythm combat. MUST DIE! just got nerfed.
  • (RHYTHM)  You can now restart songs from the results screen of a finished song!
  • (RHYTHM)  Your accuracy is now tracked with your high score (shown on the VHS tapes).
  • (EXPLORATION)  You will not be able to enter the garage room if you're currently in a dialogue conversation, which prevents potential dialogue crashes.
  • (EXPLORATION)  Dialogue UI now includes button prompts when choices show up. This is a good heads up that, yes, there are dialogue choices in our game!
  • (EXPLORATION)  Timed dialogue UI has been adjusted
  • (EXPLORATION)  Adjusted height of speech bubble icons
  • (EXPLORATION)  Collision issues fixed in both the Train Station / Practice Room
  • (BEATMAPS)  Waiting's mix has been updated to match the version found in UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES.
  • (BEATMAPS)  The opening start of Waiting has been adjusted so the camera flip happens earlier [Beginner/Easy/Normal only]
  • (BEATMAPS)  Replaced the double note at the end of Proper Rhythm with a hold note [UNBEATABLE only]
  • (BEATMAPS)  Fixed an issue where Forever Now - DOG NOISE REMIX wasn't playable on any difficulty other than UNBEATABLE (it is now available on Beginner/Easy/Normal/Hard as well)
  • (BEATMAPS)  Swapped the beatmaps for both Mirror [Easy] and Mirror [Normal] around.
  • (BEATMAPS)  The metadata has been adjusted so the NOISZ crossover songs reference the artists in their name. You should check out NOISZ btw, Good game!
  • (MENU)  You can now select an option in the options menu to reset story progress.  This will be replaced by a chapter select when the next episode releases.
  • (MENU)  More UI elements have been added to the VHS player to explain changing difficulties/selecting songs.
  • (MENU)  Fixed an issue where the options menu wasn't displaying the correct options (appearing as if it reset to default).
  • (QOL)  The offset wizard now includes instructions on how to properly use it, and hit sounds no longer play in it - so it should be more usable! Hopefully.
  • (QOL)  The game now boots into the main menu before the tutorial so you can configure options!
  • (QOL)  Rumble is now disabled on controllers when playing on keyboard
  • (QOL)  Controller and Keyboard presets can now be set separately of each other
  • (MISC.)  The [white label] achievement is fixed, and should be granted to everyone by playing through the intro again (see above for instructions). Don't get too comfortable with that 100% completion, we'll be adding more achievements with each episode!
  • (MISC.)  The UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES Soundtrack (on Steam) has been updated to include Instrumentals for Tracks 2-8!
  • (MISC.)  Changed the link in the menu from to
  • (MISC.)  Debug Console has been removed from the game - preventing you from accidentally activating it during play (rip to "keyboard")
  • and probably more changes that we forgot


  • We are working on keybind support for another patch - we want to let y'all know that we are still working on it!  - in the meantime, you can select OPTIONS→CONTROLS and select different presets for the game, including a control scheme that inverts the button layout to something more...dash-like.
  • We're monitoring issues with several controller set-ups not working consistently in the game (working in some sections but not in others).
  • We're working on a feature that lets you toggle rumble for controllers, so hang tight if that makes you uncomfortable or if it's scaring your cat
  • Optimization: we’ve got a long way to go for optimization and improving performance on all setups. For now, we can only guarantee stable play on setups that have a dedicated graphics card.
  • There's a really weird bug only present to those running with AMD CPUs where the UI slowly slides off the layer in rhythm gameplay. We've been monitoring that one for awhile but haven't been able to fix it yet.
  • Exiting to main menu when in a story cutscene occasionally causes the game to crash.

These issues (and more) are now included in our BUG REPORT - so you can know what changes we're currently monitoring.

Once again, thank you for your support! There's still more things to fix, and fortunately for you, more exciting content on the way for [white label], including our four remaining episodes + our side of the UNBEATABLE X Rhythm Doctor crossover! We're still working on setting up a SLACKER BACKER campaign for those who miss the Kickstarter, so while you wait, here are a few ways you can support us:

  1. You can purchase UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES on both Bandcamp and Steam! We'd recommend Bandcamp, which gives you access to more file formats and gives our sound team a better split!
  2. You can leave a tip on <a href="" class="eventbbcodeparser_Link_29bMZ" data-darkreader-inline-color="" ]<white="" label]'s="" itch="" page<="" a="">. </a>
  3. Leaving a chill Steam review or telling your friends about the game!

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Take care of yourselves this week!
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May 20, 2021

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