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A young girl learns a song. 

UNBEATABLE [white label] is an episodic side-story demo set in the world of UNBEATABLE.

Updated 11 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(71 total ratings)
GenreAction, Adventure, Rhythm
Tagsdemo, Kickstarter, Music, Story Rich


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when’s the full game!


when it's ready!!!

what is the system requirements? i run this game for 20 fps lowest settings possible i also lowered the resolution


This game made me quit League Of Legends. 10/10

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Very good game! But there some chinese palyer need Chinese

From google translate it says 

It's really fun, and it would be better if you could change the keys yourself. It is best to come out with a Chinese version, and it is really tiring to read English.

Cool idea!

Playing since it came out! keep up the great work!


I found this browsing on steam under the rhythm game section, and boy this didn't disappoint!! :>


thank you for playing!

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Feels like muse dash but it's kind of difficult trying to read the hold-notes, I don't know, it could just be me. Oh and if you guys aren't already working on it (sorry), custom keybinds and when do you think it's gonna be released?  overall good game though; great work d-cell games! 

edit: i just found a bug in the game that makes your camera in the song selection screen go down and can't see the song names. you can get this bug by just spamming the difficulty and the switch song fast

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we've been working on custom-keybinds for awhile, can't give a ETA but we're still completing work on it amongst other improvements!

edit: keybinds are now in !

Weird bug in the song after the tutorial where if I miss a note, the prompt appears and I cant do anything about it but reset the song but I can hit high and low and see the animation, but it's still in the promt saying "high low note!" or "Hit high note!"
Maybe this can be fixed? lol


It's fixed in the next patch we plan on releasing!

Thank you! It's been a great game so far, can't wait for the full release!

the patch is live! https://dcellgames.itch.io/unbeatable-white-label/devlog/288272/patch-v104-is-li...


I've tried the demo tape before and already find it cool and now that I've tried this and yeah Cooler... I wonder when is the coolesto?  As always the art is great, the songs are excellent hoping  to hear more from it. Characters here are so nice, and I find Quaver sooooo cute... Overall this is great...

Here's my gameplay btw:

It combine the Phigros and Muse Dash. So cool!


So it's Muse Dash with lore and unique art style mixed with 2D and 3D.


We were very lucky to get the D-Cell dev team in one place for this awesome, in-depth interview! Thanks so much guys, it was a fantastic episode! I've dropped the full Unbeatable Gameplay & Developer Interview below!


Rhythm game with a fantastic art style and original soundtrack. Its actually a bit unfair calling it a demo considering it already has 10 tracks and 4 difficulty levels each and already feels like a product worth paying for, but I do hope they can polish it a little more for a full release, as sometimes its a bit hard to see the symbols on screen due to the variable zoom and action on screen. Some of the songs didnt really grow on me yet, but its an incredibly fluid and entertaining system that I can easily see losing myself to. 4/5

More Itch Bundle impressions: https://tomalexi.itch.io/
Youtube Channel: http://bit.ly/YTPList

Jeff has named Unbeatable in his Top 5 E3 2021 indie games!
The Chasing XP team are huge fans... the art, the aesthetic, the soundtrack, the story...! Awesome work :)
Our Unbeatable Gameplay vid is coming soon, but for now, you can see Jeff's Top 5 E3 2021 Indie Games feat. Unbeatable :D


Before the game gets too underway in development. Is it possible to ask for remapping controls, or at least the option to "flip" the buttons (left buttons UP right buttons DOWN instead).

That was like the only part I had trouble with in the game. I loved everything else about this :D

I believe flip controls are possible with the current control presets! keybind remapping is coming very soon, and i mean VERY soon


Great game, with amazing music and art, but there's just one thing, and it's that the part where the notes come from both sides. It could just be me sucking at everything, but I feel like I don't have enough time to react to the notes switching sides, and also it just feels a bit weird since I end up timing most notes late because it just feels weird to have to time the notes in a different spot. I don't know if any of this makes sense, but I think when the notes come from both sides, I should be able to see more of both sides, I think that would help

A follow up. The main problem I have is that the game feels unfair at times. The notes seem to come from off the screen and when switching sides, sometimes there's a note immediately when you don't expect it. Otherwise a really great game that I'm looking forward to!

If you're having trouble reacting to the notes in time, try lowering the scroll speed of the notes! That will give you more time to react, the drawback being notes will become more clumped together. You've got to find that sweet spot that works for you.


this game looks phenomenal and the music is amazing, but for some reason i couldn't ease into the game like with muse dash, or even regular taiko, for some reason the controls simply felt unintuitive for me, and the menuing was hella awkward. I also felt as if the notes weren't clear, i also wasn't quite sure which song should be next, since you get booted to main menu when you finish a song. You've got a great base, and you just gotta polish those corners to make it a great experience


amazing story and amazing art just all round a great game


I love everything about this game, thank you so much I love you

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I was immediately wowed by how stylish and gorgeous the art is! But, I had a really tough time playing this... (and this is coming from a rhythm game aficionado!)

* The menu navigation keys felt really awkward and unintuitive. I would have preferred if the game stuck to menu keymaps that people already had muscle memory for (arrow keys, start/space/enter, etc.) for example, 'F' feels really awkward for menu confirmations. Same with splitting up WASD for song choices (WS/AD for song/difficulty just didn't gel). I had to actively concentrate to navigate the menus, when it could have been intuitive/natural for players if the game tapped into the keymaps people already know.

* Also, including controller button hints (triggers, "(x)") was a little distracting if you're not using a controller. Having auto-detect could help to simplify the UI...

* My gut reaction was that were too many button possibilities. While great for flexibility, it made it hard to settle on a play style. I would much rather be able to choose between a couple fixed/limited options rather than having EVERYTHING (WASD, IJKL) available at once.

* Having to sit through the same cutscene every time you start up a new song was a little annoying. Especially if you're simply trying to switch difficulties.

* The tutorial has these constant interruptions every time you make a mistake.  The interruptions were breaking the immersion/flow for me, so I skipped the tutorial and learned by jumping straight into a Normal song.

* The dodge "notes" felt a little janky/imprecise, because all they give you is a "nice" compared to the feedback for actual "notes". It felt funky to switch between trying to hit something and trying to dodge something.

* The note feedback is possibly a bit too granular. "Miss/Barely/Okay/Good/Great/Perfect+offset" is a lot of different states. I'd be happy with Miss/Good/Perfect (similar to what Taiko does with Bad/OK/Great).

* For faster/dense sections that include both L and R notes, I felt like there wasn't enough horizontal width to react quickly enough. The center stage takes up a lot of space, leaving not very much runway for incoming notes..

* The art style is amazing, but it felt imprecise for a rhythm game. To me, there was too much squishiness/fluidity for me to be able to develop the hand-eye coordination needed to lock into a groove. It was hard to tell how the notes aligned with the timing grid, even with the square of 4 circles placed around Beat.

* There was also just too much information/stimuli presented at once for me. Visual effects, camera movements, L-R perspective shifts, score, combo, percentage, time offsets, heartbreak meter, "Up Next" popup, etc. etc. It's gorgeous to watch, but as a player, it's really hard to pick out key information. When everything is trying to stand out, nothing in particular stands out, which is bad if you're trying to gauge how you're doing on the fly. (Then again, I'm the kind of person who prefers a really no-nonsense skill-focused rhythm game, so I might not be the target audience here. I didn't like Friday Night Funkin' either...)

I'm not a UI expert or anything (obvs)... all I've really done is casually watch a few Tantacrul videos... 

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K I loved the arcade mix a lot!!! But I seem to have a problem with this one??? I downloaded it yesterday and when starting with Familiar in the tutorial it just... Won't start? Idk if I am missing something? But like the countdown to begin goes and then is just... Silence, no notes to hit nothing and Beat actually moves, is this like a problem on my own or a bug?


I did the offset wizard and it solved the issue that idk which it was xD and damn this song rocks! K Imma keep playing and loving this!!


holy crap... I played the first version, which just had like 5 songs, since the begining, and seeing this new version of the demo with story development, actually places to move around, different looks to notes, and so many other features, I'm just mind blown. I'm just gonna play this for a few days straight if you don't mind...

also i want to tell you your game site is down

Ye! We're looking into it!

I'll admit: i've been holding off on playing the original 5 songs that were in the version 1.0 demo. that was a mistake, a BIG one. all the songs got updated and the beatmaps got redone, making it much more challenging and fun. also the story elements are extremely tied in with the game, making the story aspect much more immersive. I'm definetly buying the game when it comes out! also there is some lore to the story, starting with a woman swearing somewhat at the end of proper rhythm. wonder who that woman is...

hey uh,  during the tutorial, after i miss a note the game kind of gets stuck on a screen that says "press j,k to  attack" i can still move around to restart and try again but the song itself just stops, could you please help?

Hiya! What note did you miss? We can look into that

never mind, i fixed the problem, well kind of  so i did have to make some changes so the game could run smoother and that did work, but after a couple of missed notes it would get stuck on either "press  j,k or k,d,i,e" or whatever so idrk if its a me issue or the game's problem 

just wondering are we allow to stream this game


This game is kick ass, love the visuals and the punk rock music, and it kinda just feels like a more responsive muse dash, which is great. 

Are there any details about this full game this is a side story for though? Because I'll be kinda sad if it doesn't include Beat, only known this character for a couple hours but I love her lol 

Tried here, found out it was on steam and had to give more than positive reviews to it! Great game you have here, loving almost everything ,somethings with the camera being to close, but besides that... daaaamn!

Keep it up, can't wait to see more!!

sad, doesnt work on mac, but from what ive seen, very exited

I'm so stoked about this game and the Kickstarter Campaign as a whole. Music is great and the charts are challenging, but definitely accomplish-able with practice (and not just raw memorization.) If the full game plays like this, this will end up being the most satisfied with a Kickstarter I've ever been!

There's a few bugs (right now the train section gets stuck) so I've mainly been just grinding songs and not worrying about the story.

A few minor areas of feedback:

  •  When I finish a song I'd like to be able to dive back into it right away. Whether that's with a retry option on the score screen or if I get dropped back onto that song on the track select, either would work for me.
      • I also wish it remembered your song modifiers from song to song. Like, if I selected unbeatable and and am cycling between songs, it would be nice to remember that. Same for things like double-time or the scroll speed so I don't have to go into those modifiers for every song I play.
      • The Field of View when it zooms out to both sides makes things a lot harder. For most of the songs that's part of the challenge, but it can be really frustrating when dealing with the vanishing notes on unbeatable tracks as they have sometimes already vanished by the time they even arrive on the screen, so you're just mashing or seeing "miss" and no notes are displayed on the screen.


      when i try to install through the itch.io installer i get an error reading 

      "cannot read property of 'build' undefined"

      I'm fairly sure this isn't my computers fault as I have tried it on 2 different computers but i mean who knows 

      We're looking into this - the download works directly from the page itself in the meantime

      is the itch.io version still v1.0.0, and if it is are you planning on updating it to a newer version maybe with some of the songs from the steam version


      both the steam and itch versions will receive patches/updates simultaneously!

      Okay cool thanks!

      (1 edit)

      reminds me of muse dash in a good way



      after you beat all the story levels, you enter a sort of cutscene where beat gets on a train and then she shows up on the title screen. thought it was a neat lil detail :)

      Love all the new songs! I do wish we were able to skip the tutorial and go straight into the song selection like in the arcade mix




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