UPDATE: New patch uploaded as of 11 PM! Last one for a little bit.

We've made some adjustments to ARCADE MIX to address some major bugs as well as bring in some fresh updates to both the game's sound and levels.


  • New "Beginner" difficulty beatmaps have been made for every song, and all current levels have been shifted up (Old Beginner -> Easy, Easy -> Normal, Normal -> Hard, Hard -> UNBEATABLE)
  • Revised beatmap issues present in several maps, notably Forever Now [UNBEATABLE].
  • Massive SFX Overhaul!
  • New mixes for Empty Diary, Mirror, and Forever Now!
  • Added a link to the Kickstarter in the game's main menu (look…)
  • Added a additional tooltip in the main menu that explains how to change difficulty.


  • Fixed offset wizard from softlocking the game
  • ALSO fixed the offset wizard so now the actual number it gets you is correct 
  • Fixed issues with Proper Rhythm [UNBEATABLE]
  • Fixed the error where Forever Now [Hard] is accidentally replaced with Waiting [Hard]
  • Fixed a issue where the first note sometimes doesn't properly register and is always tracked as a miss
  • Fixed rare case of screen flickering while changing options
  • Fixed countdown speed so it matches the song's BPM
  • Resolved high CPU usage present in the main menu's options
  • Countdown now starts closer to when the first note lands

We have a few fixes we'll be patching real soon too:

  • New SFX may still be a little too quiet.


Apr 14, 2021


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Having issues with the Proper Rhythm song when not playing it in tutorial mode, it stops when I hit the first note as if I was still doing the tutorial and softlocks. I managed to play it a few times before so I think it's caused by an option I changed at some point.

Really love this game. Any idea when the UNBEATABLE [white label] demo will release?

When it's ready! We've chosen to give it more time to give it a lot of polish - you can see more details on it here:

Thanks for the heads up. Was going to hold off on doing an article on it until the White Label released, but if it's going to be a while then I'll just cover the Arcade Mix (which is pretty damn cool anyway). Would love to feature the White Label on the YouTube channel when it's ready too. Keep up the great work! :)