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Includes instrumentals for tracks 2-8 as bonus tracks.

UNBEATABLE: DEMO TAPES is the official soundtrack for UNBEATABLE [white label] - a special episode set in the world of UNBEATABLE. We will be updating DEMO TAPES with new music each time [white label] is updated, so please check back regularly!

You can play UNBEATABLE [white label] here:

DEMO TAPES is separate from the final UNBEATABLE soundtrack, which will be released when UNBEATABLE is complete. All mixes presented in DEMO TAPES are not final and are subject to change in the full game.

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TagsAction-Adventure, Music, rock, soundtrack, utah, video-game-music


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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UNBEATABLE: DEMO_TAPES [flac] - 10-13-23 373 MB
UNBEATABLE: DEMO_TAPES [mp3] - 10-13-23 111 MB

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Well, I tried the demo and I'm atrociously bad at this game but i didn't care, because this soundtrack is DOPE !


I backed this on yer slacker backer just for the soundtracks months ago. $60 tier because I can't resist the extras...

Super stoked to see more people get the soundtrack through the Ukraine bundle, though, because it's absolutely phenomenal. I would recommend anyone listening to this and enjoying it to go download the demo on Steam and play it, because it's _FUN_.

I'm genuinely pleased to see you guys putting this into that bundle, too. Doing some good in these days is a great thing.

Please take care of yourselves and I look forward to Unbeatable :D


Being able to actually buy a real tape would be cool as hell


I know, right? :D But I think getting audio cassettes in this day and age, is seriously difficult and expensive...


oh no you can buy 20 of them for about 5 euro each, with audio on and everything, it's not that expensive. The real problem is that noone has a casette player. I'm kind of wack with that because I want to be able to use everything, how much does it matter to you if you can play it or not?

Huh, I would've thought they're harder to get than that. That's awesome.

But yeah, I can't think where I'd get a cassette player these days, other than from my parents' loft, probably... :D

I managed to snatch one from my dad, huge bulky thing. You can buy a walkman for 10-30 dollars though, so it's really not that bad. I was actually really surprised when I found out about that

I have a walkman? noone ?

I was actually thinking about buying one because imagine pulling up to school with that hanging on your belt, you'd be the baddest bitch withing a kilometer. Oh how well does it work? Does it preserve the highs and just sound good overall?