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very laggy :,o

it says that I cannot open the zipped folder, any suggestions?

extract it'

you can to download a zip opener from the internet if your still having trouble

LOVE IT!!!!!!

This game is fire, I like the chaos

Deleted 249 days ago

With version 1.04 (being released on Friday), there should be features that will help minimize eye strain. for now, you can also turn off the VHS filter / post-processing effects!

DAMMMMMMMMMMM dis  game be lit doe

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I have a bit of mixed feelings with this game.

You see, the atmosphere and look of the game seem fantastic: that nostalgic summer breeze, just unbeatable. And quite original too. I like a lot the camera movements whenever a long note or taht thing were you mash come. However, the rhythm side of the game doesn't feel right to me. Sometimes the hitsounds don't go very well with the music. On top of that, some fragments of the songs don't seem to be very well charted, and the jump in difficulty from "hard" to "unbeatable" is very large. The offset wizard is also tedious to use since it takes you all the way back to the menu and you only have 12 notes to hit. However, the mechanics are really good, they add life to the classic note & long note formula. It would be nice to see some modifiers too.

I'm also having some problems with the framerate and resolution. It looks like when I change the resolution to 1366x768 it reverts back to 1920x1080. And, yeah, sometimes it feels laggy (which might be what's causing the bad rhythm feel to me, apart from the bad charting). 

Anyways, I found this randomly and I quite like it. Seems very promising, but again, the rhythm doesn't feel quite right.

To their credit, it is only a demo so far. They'll be releasing a 1.04 today that should fix some of the issues, and they'll almost surely update the charts properly by the time the full game fully releases. Of course, your criticisms are still valid for the current version and perhaps might still be once the 1.04 releases.

it would be cool if you could use up arrow and down arrow

Holy... I'm speechless. This is an outstanding rythym game! Can't wait for the Kickstarter Demo!

I'm an immediate fan! This game reminds me more of Muse Dash, but with songs in English that I enjoy as well.

i love this game and i barely gotten into it :D. the controls are simple but the game is hard, and that is great for me. this might get me into rhythm games 10/10.

this game is soo cool

I love this game

This is amazing! Beautiful art style, great music, and tight and fun controls!

i love this sm

It's .. It's too beautiful for my eyes . Your game is the most epic thing i've seen in my life, everything is awesome

I Tried to play your game it so AMAZING!

- I like the graphics

- Good Control

- Music Super Like

I love this game. More of this please..

I have me gameplay of this:


I love the art style and UI design in this, its all so creative and awesome. Only 4 songs including the tutorial, but all of them are pretty damn good. The only problem is that I think the art style, as amazing as it is, makes it very to properly read the notes. 

The game is good but ik its not for mac but when i play the game go 144p mode

They should make it for the Mac as well


i was playing the tutorial everything was perfect but then when i play an actual level there is so much input delay and its laggy


try using the offset wizard to see if that helps (it's in options)

Very fun game, looks great and also has very good music.

I think there should be better customization options for the controls, and the songs were a little too lengthy.

Oo, I also loved the control vibrating to the beat

el juego esta increhible, estilizado y buenas rolas.

Esta bueno, el tutorial esta medio confuso, aunque esta bien que se detenga y mires como se hace

viniste por alexelcapo? 


tiene viruz?

No, es un juego normal en una plataforma segura

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Great game! it feels inspired by the "other" type game but not as a copy, inverse screen is a really good touch.

Highly recommended, it feels original, fresh, good music and cute character/enemies desing. 

I hope get the complete version once finished.

I luv ir!

Love the style and the music, but please let me rebind the controls. I want to use D/J for high and F/K for low, rather than the standard inside/outside keybinds.

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very cool but the tutorial was a little confusing on what to do in different ways. 

don't get me wrong, i like how it doesn't hold your hand but then again i didn't have a sense of direction of how i hit certain things (the blue thing, the bigger object, triangles). i couldn't see what button to press for when i was supposed to hit the top since the object was blocking it. but nice touch of having the music stop and wait until you figure it out. 

 but for a suggestion: maybe add controls on screen, maybe at the bottom of the options section of the main menu? i was stuck on what i was supposed to do to go back once i pressed options. really excited to see where this goes though!

IM on macbook air so i cant demo this.

This is a rather fun demo.  A couple of the parts, like the yellow triangle and the blue enemy that requires a couple hits, were a little difficult to figure out what I was supposed to do.  But all in all quite fun.  Hope it turns out well.

I didn't even started the tutorial and i was already loving the game, it's a masterpeace and it's free... is this some god miracle? i hope so because this don't happen every day so take the opportunity and don't waste your time reading this


keep it up, honestly this game is already better than muse dash. please don't give up on this game. 


Nice Game, It Looks Cool It Has Great Music, Highly Recomd

why do the game have a virus?

it doesnt? did you get it off a different platform?

Ahh... finally i found a game that reached inside my gaming beast. I everyday play this game and i love to even my friends are also addicted to this game. They don't waste their time on COD, fortnite pubg and all but nowadays they are playing this really good addicting video game. Thank you very much for creating this game.

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What an amazing game, I higly recommend it.

Some feedback to the developers: I don't know if this was intended (I don't think so either), but I found that you can hit nearly every target and jump every obstacle just by spamming up and down at the same time (except for the ones that require you to hold down the key, ofc). I've beaten "Empy Diary" on hard just by doing that, but I have no idea how it plays on the other levels. A fix I would suggest is make it so if you press both keys when it isn't required it counts as a miss.

But anyways, I had a blast with it. The ost is a banger, the artsyle is beautiful and the mechanics are solid. I'm really looking forward for the full release.


That kill la kill art style was all i need. 

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Big fan of rhythm games and at a glace, ya, it reminded me of Muse Dash but this style just hits different and I love it! looking forward to more songs and the adventuring/story aspect and praying that the multiplayer goal is reached!!!

UPDATE: things that I and others did not find out about until after asking
-when picking a song, up/down changes difficulty
-after song is selected and cassette is in player press down for mods and settings 

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