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Where is the download page??

We took ARCADE MIX offline as we just released a newer version of it - the episodic side demo UNBEATABLE [white label]!

Y'all are incredible, but a friend has me asking: Is there any way someone can get their hands on the original Arcade Mix of Waiting?

Hey there! The new version is our current final version of WAITING (updated at the request of our game's composers). We do not plan on bringing that version back

i really loved it, but... it coused me headaches even with all the filters off. it's good, i'm just too sensitive lol

I really had a great time playing it, loved the music and the style. I´ll get the full version as soon as it´s out

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Really cool game the battle mechanics of the rhythm game are so fun! I can't wait for the game's full version cause it would make for a fun, Immersive story mode In game to play. Love it! A challanging rhythm game is always fun if the songs spank as well I mean look at fnf and Geometry dash. This one has it's own style which is awesome!

Tho when I first started it seemed to throw me into something I didn't know. It felt a bit too quick with those controls but otherwise was really fun.


The music, the style, the cool menus, the original mechanics, this game is amazing, I want to see this game succeed. This game is honestly going somewhere if the creator finishes it.

Very cool style!

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This is such a great rhythm game! very similar to another game on steam that I shall not mention but this ones style and music is different in a good way. Cant really compare the music and art style to the other game because they are so different but I love this so much! Definitely my new favorite rhythm game! It has a very FlCl vibe to it which brings back so much nostalgia. 100% would recommend. 

That's great ! :D


Oooh a good rythm game artwork rlly good and the music and the style of the gameplay all rlly good keep going with the good work


this is hella sick and the music is nutworthy :)

Uno de los mejores juegos que eh probado el arte inmejorables los filtros muy bien elegidos, una música que va muy bien con el juego.

una vez que entras al juego no quieres salir solo para escuchar la música, En fin la música Es MUY BUENA.

Los efectos de sonidos no interrumpen la música.

lo única que veo malo en este juego son los controles por lo demás Es épico.

si tuviera que ponerle una nota del 1/10 le pondría un 9 el punto que falta por los controles.

This demo was awesome!!! The animation and art overall had my in awwe! The music is great too. The HARD mode is actually hard which i love and the unbeatable level is as named lol Great game!! Cant wait to see where this goes. 

The demo is a blast! I had a ton of fun playing around with different songs and modes. Great work! I'm excited for the full version!  Congratulations on smashing your Kickstarter goal so fast!


Can  i use this for my youtube series, the trailer i mean. I want to show clips of the trailer and me telling people the good the game is.

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Looks like a promising game that does a good job at distinguishing itself enough from similar games, like muse dash. However, one thing to note though is the lack of input buffering on a single lane that makes it hard to hit two notes in quick succession when using an alternating style, making the harder maps artificially harder than they should be. 


I am shit at this, but it will not stop me from trying :) visually fucking amazing, not really within my musical taste and why should it be? nevertheless good music is good music and it does not matter if i like it or not. this soundtrack does the job flawlessly. as an ignorant may I ask was the band created for the project or have it been established before?

My thoughts exactly :)

This is peak divide's first big project!

exelente juego





A gem in the rhythm games category. Amazing job so far. I hope you continue working on :)))))))))))))))). 10000/10

Plz I need the main song, i found all the soundtrack on YouTube but nothing about the Main song :') 

And thank you so much for that beautiful game <3

the very first song of the game didn't have this problem but the rest of the songs were super laggy to the point that I had to time it at least one second before it should register a hit to even get a barely I hope this game gets optimized so that it won't run this badly

Did you go into the options and turn down the graphics/effects?

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not yet I'll tho thank you 

Edit: it still didn't run that well but still thank you for helping me

I'm getting 10 fps in any song outside of the tutorial :(

This game is lovely and seems really fun, but I can't adjust the vibration settings and the strength of the vibrations during held notes hurts too much to play through a full song. If that gets added as a setting I'd play more for sure, but in the meantime I just can't :(

Hiya - we'll look into disabling vibration for controllers in the future, sorry for the trouble! If you'd like, you could also give it a play on keyboard and see if that is any more comfortable

Heard from a friend recently that vibration disable was added and picked this back up (keyboard just didn't work for me personally). I'm having so much fun and will be watching the continued development for sure!

what a lovely game, I love the Vapor wave retro looking, tnx for create and\or support the game <3

Really enjoyed the gameplay, smooth and responsive. Only thing it really needs is a better option menu and keymapping support! Also you guys don't got a twitter?

 Now I'm anticipated to get another rythm game !


We do!

amazing! thank you! I only searched D Cell and nothing showed. 


I like the art style! It's almost exactly like Kill La Kill



What a beautiful game!!!



Super cool concept game! Really love the retro game style and the songs are amazing to listen to.

  • The only flaw was when I was streaming the game, every time I start a song I would get a few notes in before the menu would pop up and when I try to press esc it would not let me exit back to the game only making a glitch sound. I do not know if this only happens to me or to others but just wanted make sure.

nice game its very fun and the song id catchy love it,hope you made more song themed game in the future keep it up :)

What a fantastically creative rhythm game! Gives me very strong FLCL vibes which a really like. 


  • The control scheme felt really awkward to me until I switched to a controller, maybe an onscreen suggestion to use the controller and some experimentation with other bindings for the keyboard? idk
  • The tutorial was quick and unobtrusive, really great work there!
  • The VHS and post effects were a little hard to get used to for me, but once I did really enjoyed the style. I also really appreciate being able to turn them off in the options menu.

I can't wait to see what the story mode will offer and have backed it on Kickstarter. Good luck with the project!

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Ohh I'm very excited to see how this game improves! Atm my only issue is the button scheme feels awkward/isn't super intuitive at least for keyboard? Using WASD, but not the arrow keys in menus as well as F to confirm instead of Enter feels a lil weird to me. I figured out why the up and down keys are like that, but it was definitely felt a lil random at first? Either way very excited to see more indie rhythm games!! So glad the Kickstarter funded! <3

I think something is wrong when I open the game I fly in space like endless and nothing happens can someone help?

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