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Woah i didnt know there was a better game hen fnf!

Great game! Keep up the good work!

I would like to know if the game will be available on other platforms?

Only focused on PC / Mac / Linux for now!


I love this game's visuals so much! The artwork for the maps and sprites is absolutely stunning! The charting is also beautiful! Also, as a note, if in the future you can add keybinding options as well as an offset/key input setting that would be awesome! I always felt that my timing for hitting notes was always a tad too early, which may be my/ my keyboard's fault of course. Again, it's an amazing game. I will definitely be excited about updates!


There is a offset wizard in the options! We're working on custom keybindings :)

I am loving this game.  As someone who. has recently gotten into video game development and loves music, this game is great! I really love how simple the mechanics may seem as it's just jumping up and down but then you make it more complex with the different enemy types! 

The only thing I was wondering is whether you will also make a mac build if the game is successful? It would be great to play this on the go! 


The final game will come to PC / Mac / Linux!


I had a super fun time with this demo! I can't wait for the full release! Mirror is my song so far~ 

please make it available for macbook!!

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can you make a chrome version?

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Hey team, amazing job! I'm enjoying the hell out of the demo and already mastering the songs. The game is incredible.
As an apointment, I don't know if this has already been discovered or fixed, but in v1.01, if you pause just at the beginning of a song, the camera shake effect get over the pause menu indefinitely. It is way more aggresive than how the gif shows it.


We're aware of the bug and are still trying to fix it. Thank you for giving our game a shot!

note: this should now be fixed!

the game works o n 32 fps ?

i need a 32 bits version aaaa

Unfortunately, 32-bit development has ended for newer Unity versions, so we cannot develop a version for 32-bit systems, sorry :(


Really fun demo so far! Hope you guys implement rebindable controls like Mush Dash has it.


we will be!

lmao sooooo on the blue notes that go down and up and vice versa. I spammed for em and ended up just being stuck  in the void waiting. The notes didn't move and the only thing I could do was hit high and low. stuck on 66% T_T. restarted and was fine but just thought was something you'd wanna know

It makes the fans go 100% in. Need fix

Cap the framerate maybe or enable V-sync. By the way it would be nice if there was a 144FPS option.

Noted on a 144 FPS option! But yea we'd recommend turning on v-sync.

PLEASE let me turn off the filters and vfx- I know the option is there but it doesn't do anything. I would love this game to death if my eyes didn't explode.

Try V1.0B and see if it works! It worked in previous builds, so something in the settings must had gone bork

I tried both versions and the settings didn't save in either, I'll try again but last time it didn't work :/


Hmmm okay! We're working on fixing core issues tonight and will be seeing about patching sometime soon. Sorry for the trouble!

This game is so fun and beautiful! Keep it up with this work, and thanks for sharing it with all of us!!

Damn guys, it's AMAZING! As someone who just started making Rhythm games + music for them I hope I'll be able to make something as good as this! Keep it up and I'll def buy it when it's out :D (can't do kickstarter cause they don't do paypal :( )

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I downloaded the demo as soon as i saw it was available, i got to play the introduction and replayed "propper rythm", there was no problem there until i tried cranking the dificulty up a bit, apparently the maps wont load as they are supposed to (can still control the characters but there is no music nor enemies). Tried getting the other version and the problem still remained. 

Down is a reference pic so you can see what im talking about. 

On any other map other than that the message on the top right is a little different being:

Level Loaded



Profile DEMO_PROFILE auto-saved while level TEST_RHYTHM was loading

BeatmapParserEngine: osu file format v14

No spawnpoints found!

Try the V1.0B build and see if that fixes any issues!

Playing on 1.0B wont fix it,  can only guess the issue is on my part but as i managed to play two levels of the demo before the problem i really dont know what could be happening.

Hm, gotcha. We'll look into it and see what's up, we're really sorry about that! 


Im used to playing muse dash so itd be nice to be able to map my controls to better fit what im a custom to but other then that its super fun.

Dang, that update fixed a ton of stuff! Good Job!!!

oi yo yo yooooo

Ігровий жанр взагалі не мій.

Але мені як на диво сподобалось.

Гарна картинка і дуже гарна музика. 

put the songs on spotify


We will be doing that later down the line. Stay tuned for more details!

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I didn't actually realize until I'd been playing for an hour that there was a menu of options between selecting a song and starting it; blurry text running off-screen reads as background graphics, not an active menu. Easy fix might be put in some sort of blinking down arrow (indicating the direction of the menu and how to access it).

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Is it just me or the song Proper Rhythm (2nd song) doesn't play in 1.01? I hit the first note and then everything just stops. Seems to happen with any of the difficulty other than the Tutorial.

EDIT: Seems working just fine in 1.0B!

We have 1.0B up in the meantime as the latest version has a strange issue that seems to break on other computers (on all of our dev computers the song doesn't bug out)

Tried the demo after my friends saw the Kickstarter and recommended it to me because I've played Muse Dash before. (And this game is like Muse Dash, but coming at you from both directions!)

I mostly played on controller for my time with this demo and thought the button layout works well. I had a harder time with the keyboard controls (so echoing others on allowing button remapping).

I thought the controller rumbling in time to the music was a fun touch. It also helped me on the slower songs when sightreading.

Could the team add some kind of feedback when a note is missed during play? I find myself getting to the end of a song and noticing I've missed more notes than I realized. Having some kind of audio to indicate that I've missed a note would help me gauge which parts of a song I need to practice.

I also had issues differentiating notes and the background sometimes, but saw your comment about letting users customize colors and dim the background; both of those sound like great options!

There's audio for missing but it is a little too quiet, we'll be turning it up!

Amazing game! I love it! The controls need some work tho and when I plugged in my controller it started to bug out, might just be my pc but yeh. Anyways I love the game and the concept! Keep up the good work :3


I'm enjoying this, but I keep getting thrown off by how close she stands to the line. Like a Perfect is when the enemy is slightly overlapping her, and then when she attacks she takes a step forward and moves past the enemy. Any time I find myself going on visuals because the beat isn't clear in the music or I haven't played a song before, I find myself consistently hitting the beats too early. I wish it was like Muse Dash, where the character is a step or so behind the line and then steps forward to hit the enemy when they attack.

Also, I'm really not a fan of the blue enemies. Sometimes they're a quick double tap and sometimes the second hit isn't until a full note or two later and there's not really any visual feedback on which it's gonna be except for the red circle after you hit them. I basically fail them every time until I've already played a song and know how they're going to react.

That said, the game is super polished and looks great. I just hope you guys iron a few things out before the full release.

I just thought that was a "me" problem. But I did have to adjust to hitting things when they were basically on me instead of when it looked like the character would be in the right place to hit it. I was always too early.

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I came here to say the exact same things. Two issues, with easy fixes:

(1) Any other game I would expect her "perfect" hitbox to be forward of where it is and the actual perfect line to be taking damage because I'm overlapping an enemy. As a concrete example of the result, my gameplay gets worse when I'm looking past the middle of the screen on one-sided attack sections. This is after tuning multiple times using the delay tester with my eyes closed. Moving her back from the line or moving the line away from her (to gain appropriate separation between her and the "perfect" hitbox) would fix it.

(2) Also, yeah, all of the multi-hit enemies are lacking in sufficient cues. The fact that they're already at the line makes it seem like you should insta-attack them because they're already at the "perfect" distance; this could be solved by having them knocked back to the distance of the next beat you're expected to attack them on.


I really, really loved the game! It really got me in competitive mode, trying to complete the songs in the hardest modes and I think my favorite is proper rhythm because it is so funky!

My biggest issue with the game is the optimization :( I know it's hard to do but the GPU usage is like, 98% on my desktop and it lags on hard songs if I have anything at all open while playing it. To compare, a hard song in this game is almost as GPU intensive as when I run Doom Eternal! (2GB Graphics Card)

Also, it took me a while to find out there are more difficulty settings! The menus look amazing but I think sometimes that came to the detriment of the UX - It's hard to intuitively know what direction to press to navigate and that made me think for a good while that there were only the begginer songs in the arcade mix and a friend of mine who had already put the game down only found out about it after I told him as well.

With all that said, the love and care put into this game really shows. It's amazing and I can't wait to play the full game and listen to the songs on spotify :)

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I absolutely vibe with this game and I find it extremely charming! Honestly really excited for the full release and the open world stuff you all talked about in the kickstart. However, there are few takeaways for you all as you continue to develop that would greatly improve (in my opinion) the overall game.

1) ability to re-bind keys. I am on pc and I am personally not too big on the current key setup and wish to re-bind to something similar to musedash. This is a must have for the game you are making.

2)PC menu control scheme feels weird to me. My suggestion would be having (J) for confirm and (K + esc) for back.

3) fail menu is still pause menu, so definitely give that a fix

4) better enemy introductions: took me a few tries from experimenting how to fight the blue and red enemies

5) a better ability to define enemies (maybe give them some sort of outline like red so I can see them better)

Honestly, keep up the good work! Really happy that I can try it out!


all of those are changes we'll be looking down the line if not for [white label] / ARCADE MIX, for the final game! Key rebinds are our most popular request for sure and we'll get those in soonest we can.

Thank you so much! Keep up the good work and I greatly appreciate your response!

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my only question is I'm not sure how to beat these enemies. Are they press any key? If not how do I tell which key press

Also perfects sometimes gives minus points? Why? 

Those guys and their little followers can be hit by any attack, it's just about timing for them.

The + or - symbols next to your perfects don't effect your score, they just tell you how close you got to an absolute perfect hit. + means you hit it late, - means early. There's nothing special for getting a +0.00 perfect though, so don't fret too much about it.

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As a huge fan of music, I'm loving this game so far! One piece of advice could be that when you start the game, could you put a slightly longer delay before you start beating up the enemies? Also, when the first two beats are slowed down but the rest are suddenly normal-paced, it kinda throws off my rhythm a bit, so maybe do something about that 😅 Other than that, this is an amazing game! I've already convinced one of my friends to download it (and become my rival) and I can't wait to see the full release!

Edit: Oh and also, maybe you can put a setting to reduce the blur? I tried playing this at 3 AM and I couldn't tell if I was just sleepy or if it's supposed to be like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We'll have more granular effects but turning post-processing should remove the blur.

Ran into an issue that I can't seem to replicate. When I paused at some point around the disappearing notes in the tutorial,  the notes would not turn invisible, and they stood there frozen at until i reset the game. I'll be playing again later today, so I'll see if I can record it happening. 

Regardless, absolutely amazing game and brilliant soundtrack! Can't wait for the full release!


This game is awesome like perfect!! One issue though-  im not sure if its my laptop or not, but the pause menu pops out of nowhere and i cant get the game to continue forcing to restart the game... help pls-

That's our (not very great) GAME OVER screen when you run out of health. We'll be changing that to be a bit more specific!


Love the game and the art style! Reminds me of a very stylized and rock-centric version of Muse Dash.

Just one major request: can you give us the option to map the controls on our own? I'm not a fan of the current control scheme of the arcade mix. I'd like to be able to use the D-pad for the high notes and the face buttons for the low notes. 

Noted! Rebindable Controls will be added soon, we're working on it!


Ok I can't wait to try this. I love the 80's crossed over with Kill la Kill art style, and the fact that the music design pushes the limits of how hard you can hit without destroying someone's ears haha. As a listener of heavy and hard hitting music of all kinds, and a very small time musician myself on the side, I can respect this.

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The polish in this is one is absolutely astounding! It's really something beyond  belief, fantastic work guys!

Also I know no one asked for my opinion, and that you'll surely have most of this stuff figured out already since this is only a demo, but still, I'm a whiny brat, I can't contain myself hehe Like several ppl seem to be pointing out, custom button mapping would be really cool, but that's not new to you I assume. Other than that, I felt that when you have to deal with both sides at the same time, the spacing you get on the screen for each side gets slightly shrunken down, giving you less time to react and throwing you off, but once again, that could just be me subconsciously coming up with excuses.

That said, good job, keep at it, and best of luck! :)

Oh, and one more thing, Waiting has some serious Mass of Fermenting Dregs vibe going on. Very nice hahaha

The text box above says "Write your comment..." so someone did ask for your opinion. And you just happened to give a valid opinion, so it's not like someone's going to retroactively unask for it.


I'm not really a fan of the controls.

Demo is quite good, a pretty solid rhythm game,  the enemies or the notes need to be colour coded because they sometimes blend in with the background and quite hard to know if they're the note/enemy.


In the final game you'll be able to color code them your way! We'll also be working on letting you dim the background more to make things easier to see.

nice, that's good to know


Love the demo, so excited for White Label and (eventually) the full game!
Idk if you're looking for feedback this early but I did find it hard to tell that there were 4 difficulties for each song. I thought the "beginner" beneath the songs was just alluding to the fact that these were the easier songs cuz it's the demo, but I happened to randomly hit up on 1 of the songs and found out about the different difficulties. Trying to master those different difficulties has made this something I've returned to daily since it came out.
Confusion aside, loved the demo and keep up the good work!

I know is sometimes not worth the time, but have you considered, in the distant future, making this game or a version of it, for android/iOS?

Only focused on PC / Mac / Linux for now, but we definitely want to get this game around to more platforms if we've got the bandwidth to do so!

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