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The polish in this is one is absolutely astounding! It's really something beyond  belief, fantastic work guys!

Also I know no one asked for my opinion, and that you'll surely have most of this stuff figured out already since this is only a demo, but still, I'm a whiny brat, I can't contain myself hehe Like several ppl seem to be pointing out, custom button mapping would be really cool, but that's not new to you I assume. Other than that, I felt that when you have to deal with both sides at the same time, the spacing you get on the screen for each side gets slightly shrunken down, giving you less time to react and throwing you off, but once again, that could just be me subconsciously coming up with excuses.

That said, good job, keep at it, and best of luck! :)

Oh, and one more thing, Waiting has some serious Mass of Fermenting Dregs vibe going on. Very nice hahaha

The text box above says "Write your comment..." so someone did ask for your opinion. And you just happened to give a valid opinion, so it's not like someone's going to retroactively unask for it.


I'm not really a fan of the controls.

Demo is quite good, a pretty solid rhythm game,  the enemies or the notes need to be colour coded because they sometimes blend in with the background and quite hard to know if they're the note/enemy.


In the final game you'll be able to color code them your way! We'll also be working on letting you dim the background more to make things easier to see.

nice, that's good to know


Love the demo, so excited for White Label and (eventually) the full game!
Idk if you're looking for feedback this early but I did find it hard to tell that there were 4 difficulties for each song. I thought the "beginner" beneath the songs was just alluding to the fact that these were the easier songs cuz it's the demo, but I happened to randomly hit up on 1 of the songs and found out about the different difficulties. Trying to master those different difficulties has made this something I've returned to daily since it came out.
Confusion aside, loved the demo and keep up the good work!

I know is sometimes not worth the time, but have you considered, in the distant future, making this game or a version of it, for android/iOS?

Only focused on PC / Mac / Linux for now, but we definitely want to get this game around to more platforms if we've got the bandwidth to do so!


Why did i get muse dash

This game is so fun and also, amazing!


This is fantastic! The gameplay rocks - two buttons is simple but extremely functional and the variety in "enemies" makes it easy to learn and figure out. All 5 songs on the soundtrack are fantastic too, and tap into feelings I wasn't quite sure I had!

I should say I had some problems getting the functionality of my DualSense to work with it - I'd been using DS4Windows, which is what allows for games to activate its rumbling/gyro/touchpad support, but in the case of this game running DS4Windows causes the controller to straight up stop working, whereas running the game without DS4Windows allows the controller to work but disables the rumble. Ideally I'd want both of those working, and I can only assume it has to do with a conflict between what the game recognizes and what inputs the DS config software is sending.

It's very minor in the grand scheme of things though, and I can't wait to see more out of this project.

We've seen reports of DS4 controllers not working - we'll look into it!

Wow this is great. Catchy songs and fun gameplay

That style! It's so awesome

I was hoping for the game to come out on Saturday but it must have been delayed. SO I just jammed out the rest of the arcade mix.... INDIE MMASTERPIEC!!!


This is actually unique from all the other rhythm games out there, considering the stark control difference from other game. asthetic is nice too. only thing i would add is some sort of screensaver. the asthetic and music is too good not to have playing while doing something else in the background. add a feature that allows you to have the girl staring out of the train window without the menus or anything like that, and that would ad more to the game other than the actual game part. think of it like the trophy room in super smash bros.

Very excited for this. Tried to play it on my Mac via Crossover and it ran well but the actual game (as opposed to the opening logos) had this strange lens blur effect on it. Not sure if anyone else had this (you can see the "film grain" is still clear) but I also am sure I could just wait till the mac version comes out! Either way love it so far :)

Did you try turning off post-processing/VHS filter in the settings? That might help with the blur being out of wack.

Yeah, weirdly didn't change it. Probably some sort of strange wine/crossover glitch with unity.



had the same issue, tried VM Ware, runs OK-ish, but the overhead sucks.

I guess the problem is the Retina Display, not the Unity build. Try these settings, runs great for me:

This worked great! Thank you!


man, 3 days ago not many people commented, and now I have to scroll down far to find my first post. That is a lot of people, good job D-Cell games!

the guys , please help me : when i am at the second note at the tutorial , she' dont move and she stay block , so please help me !

Did you hit the note? It unpauses after doing that

No i dont have doing this thanks ! And i have a question : the demo gonna be on Steam or not ? ( your game is super good carry on ! )

[white label] will come to Steam when the first episode is complete, and it is a episodic side-story project! The final game's store platforms are yet to be announced!

this looks cool 


The music is rhythmic and the graphics are great. I would recommend this game to my friends!The characters are very cute!Nice Job!


AMAZING!!! I've been waiting to play this since Magfest 2019 and I'm so happy I can finally get that fix again! Catchy songs, stylisticly pretty looking and a fun way to beat up note looking enemies! All mashed together for a fantastic rhythm game!

This is amazing!!


This is a reply using Google Translate. Please forgive me if you have any questions.

The art of this game is great, and it left a deep impression on me, as is the music. I like it very much, but in terms of play, there are mainly visual problems. 

The background of the game does not have enough contrast with the notes, and the colors are also very close, which makes it difficult to see clearly when playing with a lot of notes, and it is easy to be visually fatigued; then the decision line can also be appropriately obvious, if allowed. Hope to be able to set the size of the notes.

In addition, I hope to add custom key settings, this is very important, thank you!

They are planning on adding those features for the "full" demo, coming "Soon!" Background contrast will be able to be changed, and custom key binding will be available.

yeah!!mais jogos de ritimo para alimentar o meu vici...digo amor

This is so wonderful, I hope the songs come to spotify, they are so good.


They will eventually! Stay tuned for more details :)


I can't get my xbox controller to work welp

Heya, what's your set up? Xbox controllers should work natively - what controller / receivers are you using?

just a normal one i think?


I'm speechless... This is simply beautiful.

Holy this game is so much fun!!!!


What a wonderful demo to a probably even better game!

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I'm not someone who enjoys playing rhythm games. I find they're too difficult for me and frustrating when things go wrong...
HOWEVER... this game might be the first one I've ever clicked with.

At first I was overwhelmed but with a little practice I was really enjoying it! and the tutorial showed me what difficulty was to come, even if it wasn't available in the demo tracks.

Thank you so much, I want to see more :)

This was an amazing little demo!

The art, music, and sound effects were all superb.

The difficulty was a little on the easy side, but i noticed all of the songs were marked beginner, so the full game will probably get harder.

My one complaint was that the key-mapping didnt seem to work right, and my controller (8bitdo sn30pro wired) didnt work, save for the rumble. But that will obviously be fixed by the full release.

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I found you can actually change the difficulty with the up and down keys. So W and S for keyboard, and the up/down buttons on the D-pad. There's Beginner, Easy, Medium and Hard. I haven't tried the other ones myself yet, though. So no idea if they actually work, or how hard they are. Edit; The other modes sure work. Hard is as unbeatable as you'd imagine it to be. Easy is about the furthest I can reliably go.


This is so stylish! WOW

It's really really really nice looking! And the music is fantastic.

This game literally made me popped off-Like the beats were hella cool!!!The controls were a bit confusing at first but it's gets a bit easier once you know it!


Dude holy crap I honestly though it was just another simple game but this game is legit and i freaking love the visuals not to mention the music, props to you guys. Cant wait for the full release

THIS IS SO GOOD! so much fun. Can't wait to see the full game eventually :) awesome job.

This is just amazing! i couldn't keep my two fingers off of it! definitely getting this tommorrow AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE BEAT!!!


Wow this is a really fun rhythm game! I wish it started up on the title screen instead of launching into the first song/tutorial, but that's really my only critique. The visuals and songs are fantastic and I was instantly impressed.


[white label] will have a different opening so it won't suddenly jump into the first song!

Really cool game so far! Excited to see the finished product.

My only two criticisms with the game so far is the lack of button mapping and a progress bar for the songs (although I might just be blind).

 Keep up the good work :)

Really nice so far! Wishlisted!

Deleted 2 years ago

Nope, it a new Indie game. And gameplay wise it is like muse dash mix with one figure death punch if you hear of that one. Love the aesthetic!

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